Clothes care

This process avoid to deform or broken the bra or to spoil your washing machine. Hand wash, you need to dilute the soap in the water before putting the garment, for no longer than 5 minutes.

If you decided to wash you garment in wash machine you should protect it using a small laundry ore smash bag. The ideal washing temperature is 30° C. 

Do not wash your white garment with the colored garment. We recommend you to wash them before first use for hygiene and color protection. 

The fabrics are softer to touch with the use of the softener but wrong using the doses can provide negative effects and damage the materials.

Keep safe your garment after every wash avoid using heat of tissue.

Do not expose a lot your garment on the sun to avoid the wastage of colors and to prevent the wastage the elasticity of tissue. Choose one airy place and hang there your garment. 

Our clothes containing fibers that can’t be iron.Our commitment/ agreements with client is to help him to preserve the use of the garment and to contribute to reducing the environmental impact and conservation of natural resources. Check the label of each garment and specifications of some tissues