Your “Sexy Souls” card makes you a part of Alma Bloom’s Customer Loyalty Program. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include a 5% discount on purchases (not cumulative to additional offers), exclusive promotions, birthday gifts and invitations to events.

Alma Bloom will send commercial communications via email, web, SMS, telephone or post mail. “Sexy Souls” is a non-transferable personal card that requires a person’s legal name and age; legal residency in Spain and to show a legal identification, DNI OR NIE, at the time of inscription.

You will be able to join the “Sexy Souls” club at the moment you purchase any product at any of our Alma Bloom’s stores by providing the required information, agreeing to its membership terms and signing. After this information is provided and processed you will receive your “Sexy Souls” membership card at once.

Within 24 hours you will receive an email confirming your “Sexy Souls” membership and a copy of the signed and accepted General Terms. Alma Bloom will keep a copy of all your information and you may be able to access it at any time by sending an email to Once you use your card you will be acknowledging and accepting its General Terms.




  1. Show your legal identification, DNI or NIE, to get your “Sexy Souls” card
  2. Keep safe and properly use your “Sexy Souls” card. If you lose it you must notify us via email at
  3. You may need to return your “Sexy Souls” card if requested by Alma Bloom, at any moment you decide
    not to use it anymore, or if upgraded.


  1. Cancel “Sexy Souls” cards reported lost or stolen, and replace it according to the established procedures.
  2. Keep confidential the information provided to sign up and its updates.
  3. Offer assistance to members via the Customer Service Center contact email:


  1. The member must present her “Sexy Souls” card or provide the membership information at the time of
    purchase at either one of the Alma Bloom stores in Spain, or on the on-line store, in order to get the
  2. Members will receive a 5% discount on each purchase (not cumulative to additional offers).
    Discounts will only be granted at the time of purchase
  3. “Sexy Souls” membership card cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.

In the case of loss of your “Sexy Souls” card, the member will not be held responsible for any unlawful use
of it from the moment the card was reported lost or stolen via:


  1. Alma Bloom S.L. reserves the right to revoke any card being use in an unlawful way; outside of the
    agreed general terms for membership, or in any other way considered inappropriate. In the case of
    cancellation a written notification will be sent.
  2. Member has the right to cancel her “Sexy Souls” card at any time by sending a written note together with
    a copy of legal identification via post mail, email or fax to Alma Bloom S.L.
  3. The cancellation of the card will result in the annulation of all its benefits.
  4. Alma Bloom S.L. reserves its right to cancel the “Sexy Souls” card at any time.


Alma Bloom S.L. can change or modify the current general terms of “Sexy Souls” membership at any time, and it is agreed that the members of “Sexy Souls” accept the communication of such changes by their postings on Alma Bloom’s website and / or its points of sales. If the member is not in agreement with the changes it has the right to return the card and to proceed with its cancellation.


  1. The information provided by the member on the application for the “Sexy Souls” membership card, and its updates, will be kept confidential in Alma Blooms exclusive clients data base. The signing member authorises that such information will be used in relation to the present membership agreement and in the efforts of communicating commercial and promotional information including direct mail, phone calls, faxes, SMS, emails, internet and any and all other forms of electronic media.
  2. According to your joining to this program, you may authorise Alma Bloom to forward publicity and
    promotions via your provided addresses and media (mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS, internet and so
    on) of other business collaborating with Alma Bloom that may offer exclusive offers, promotions and
    services that may be of interest to our members.
  3. The information requested on the “Sexy Souls” card application is obligatory. The member has the right
    to access such information in order to correct it, cancel it or reject it in accordance to the Organic Law 15
    / 1999 of 13 of December regarding the Protection of personal information. Alma Bloom S.L. Cole
    street, 63 28001 Madrid NIF B86822459 is fully responsible for its data base.


The current General Terms and Conditions are valid under the Spanish legislation. Both parties agree to its
terms for the resolution of any conflict, and reject any other legislation outside of it jurisdiction or related to
the members living quarters.